Many kids are taken unjustly from families and placed with foster parents where they are several times more likely to be abused, placed on harmful medications, or die, than they are with birth parents. 

Family courts and contractors have plead guilty to crimes that alienate children from fit parents with unequal custody orders.  Sometimes they take children from fit parents in divorce cases to receive federal dollars based on amount of child support orders issued.  These courts do not follow the Bill of Rights or rules of criminal court offering financial kickback through conflicts of interest. The # 1 reason for removal of a child is for drug addiction followed by domestic violence and neither are classified as a crime there for no option for Trial by Jury while child is sent to strangers home being denied of Grand Parents and other family. Help us strenghten laws and set Jury Trials so save children and parents.

9/7-9/11 2018 Family Preservation Festival

  1. March 4 The Children
    March 4 The Children
    This is the ride share and transportation project for Sept. 7-11 2018 Event at West Lawn US Capitol
  2. For many years we have been bringing awareness through investigations to bring the bad guys down. #Disclosure Watch
  3. Out Door Events at Capitol
    Out Door Events at Capitol
    We supply a stage painted in red white and blue just for you! We The Peoples stage and sound is the best platform.
  4. Congressional Rooms Inside
    Congressional Rooms Inside
    These rooms are used inside US Capitol to educate Congress.
    Campaign geared towrd mass emails, mail and posts mainly twitter to end in DC at Mothers of All Rallies 9/8 2018